Just Shine On Me

In 1981 Richard Neumöller was asked by his former schoolmate from Wassenaar Theo van Gogh to write and record a song for his debut film Luger.
The text was written by Juliana di Atlanta, Theo´s girlfriend at the time.
Here´s a copy of the original paper by Juliana.
The music for this song was written by Paulus Wieland.
It was called `Just shine on me`
Ensemble Pittoresque recorded the music track.
Juliana would sing the song.

Ton Willekes recalls,
`It was agreed that Juliana would come to Rijswijk to sing the song along with the finished music track so I could record it. I lived there in a squatted house with others where we also recorded some early EP material. I remember that Juliana came there 2 times to record the vocals. She couldn´t sing. The main problem for her was keeping the correct pitch. At last we recorded it line by line, then word by word and finally even syllable by syllable. Judge the result for yourself if you hear the song in the film...................`