The writer of this lyrical piece in ‘Vinyl’ magazine turned out to be a blood relative
from my mother’s side I never knew about.
For my pseudo I used a derivation of Niemöller, which is my mother’s maiden name. (R.N)


ClogsontronicsThe doodle that made it to a label.
(I still like the scrappiness). (R.N.)

The mastertape box from "For this is Past"
Note the changes in the titles that where apparantly done last minute.



Tangible proof of existence.


chart 1

Beaten by an ‘81’ New Order, but towering over J.D.


Ton, Richard

The innocent dissidents.


DOL Chart

Still going strong!!! E.P. on the path of glory


Vinyl cover 26

The worse interview I could think of, (and at such an early age) (R.N.)


de Piek

One of the gigs where Kees Tazelaar did the live mix. (He drowned ‘de Piek’
in waterfalls of delay. Later on we drowned in their ‘Mort Subite’).


 Maegher Goet Gent

The historical double bill with Trisomie 21 in Gent – Belgium.
A memorable disorderly gig and one of our two concerts abroad.

poster piek

Poster for concert in de Piek, Vlissingen on 24 december 1983.


Richard, U87

VIP Frequenz

The publicity for ‘Frequenz’ done by our publisher VIP.
(At that time, we didn’t care anymore, apparently VIP didn’t either.)



Probably one of the last telegrams ever sent. The biography of E.P.



The first review by ‘Oor’ magazine (they missed out on ‘For this is past’) and a nice one at that. (Vinyl on the other hand wasn’t lyrical about E.P. anymore).


Huib, Richard

The concert we did in ‘Metropol’ Berlin, our second great foreign escapade.


Berlin, Autumn Colors, Metropol

Part of the Metropol program with the life story of E.P.



Ton: The Berlin Wall was still there. Visiting East Berlin meant you were obliged to change 25 Westmarken into Ostmarken.

I saw no way to spend them all in East-Berlin.

Returning to the West meant I had to give what's left at the border. I would get it back when re-visiting East-Berlin.

As prove I got this Depotbescheinigung from the DDR Staatsbank.

They still owe me that money. ..... Well, I probaly better forget about it now....

Jan Douwe,  MM

A solid piece Jan Douwe Kroeske wrote for E.P.


Paulus, Ed, Richard

Temporary E.P. family portrait.